TBD Liner Notes and Thanks You’s


Hello Friends, 

This week seemed to me like a good week to send out my thanks to a number of people who made my debut solo album, “TBD”, truly The Big Dream for me.  Not long ago, in the age of vinyl and CD’s I would have put these remarks in the liner notes (remember those?), but today I will post these thoughts and thank you’s online and more permanently on my web site.... 

Thanks to the entire team at Studio 637 in Hermosa Beach for their time, energy and patience working with me, the ‘artist/producer’ to record, mix and master the record.  Specifically, to Kevin Yamada, who co-produced the songs and to Alex Lockwood who engineered, mixed and masted all the tracks and added his tremendous artistic talent to make the songs sonically beautiful.  Of course, the whole project ran smoothly thanks to Claire Davenport who keeps the entire Studio 637 machine running.  Thanks also to Cole Hockenberry and Patrick Coyne for video and still photographs documenting the project. 

I had some great musical talent contributing to this record and I want to thank both Rob Nagelhout and Marcus Powell Davis for being such a dynamic and creative rhythm section, laying down solid grooves on bass and drums, respectively.  I loved working with you guys on The Porch Project a year ago and glad you could be part of this effort.  Special thanks to Steve Aguilar for his tasteful organ and Wurlitzer piano work on all tracks except “The Big Dream” and in particular his piano solo in “Feels Like A Friday”.  So glad you were off the road long enough to make the sessions.   “The Big Dream” track, a moving piece I wanted to keep acoustic and and raw, would not be the song it is without Ken Oak’s cello solos.  Thank you Ken, for being a part of this song. 

Not to be forgotten and in the spirit of getting a little help from your friends, thanks to the following musicians and friends for the Gang Vocals on the ending sequence of “Feels Like A Friday”Steve Aguilar, Claudia Berman, Claire Davenport, Rebecca Deane, Zeal Levin, Mike Longacre, John Maloney, Nick Shattuck and Veronica Torres.  There may have been adult beverages involved in the recording process.... 

Thanks to Nicolette J. Pownall of NJP Photography, for all the great photos used in the cover art and single releases, and Chris Elder who created the album cover art design. 

Special Thanks to Mike Longacre of @Mikes Guitar Parlor, Hermosa Beach, CA for guitar set ups, use of a beautiful Guild 12 string loaner, encouragement and cocktails.   Last, but not least I am forever grateful to Lee Hudspeth, Musician/Songwriter/Poet and dear friend for the suggesting we write songs together and then record “The High Road” EP as The Porch Project which inspired and encouraged me to make this record as a follow up. 

Thanks to all those who have inspired and supported my musical journey making the record and beyond.  Wishing you health and happiness always.... 




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